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Reliable Local Contractors in Chatham & Southwestern Ontario

At Jayden Construction, we understand that the stakes are high when it comes to the construction of your property. You require a dependable contractor that can deliver quality results while adhering to your budget and timelines. As experienced local contractors in Chatham & Southwestern Ontario, we are a trusted choice for commercial, agricultural, industrial and healthcare sectors. 

No project is too big or too small for our company. We negotiate several different types of contracts, including design-build, lump sum, and cost-plus. Our team includes highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to completing your project as per your expectations. We have a deep knowledge of the requirements of the properties in the area and are able to offer bespoke construction services. We can meet all of your construction needs thanks to our broad spectrum of capabilities and skills.

We bring our specialist knowledge, experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and professionalism to provide the best possible solutions to our clients. Please contact us if you're looking for experienced local contractors in Chatham and the surrounding areas.  


Our construction services in Chatham & Southwestern Ontario include the following:

  • General contracting

  • Consultation

  • Estimating

  • Project management

  • Site supervision

Construction worker

Quality Service, Expert Skills

Jayden Construction

When you book with Jayden Construction, you’re booking a contractor you can trust to deliver.


Our Work in the Healthcare Industry

At Jayden Construction, we understand that completing building projects in a hospital setting is a unique situation. We always strive to work in a professional, timely manner to complete each project to high standards. Jayden Construction uses our HEPA equipment, negative air machines, and various other tools and equipment that we know are vital when working in a hospital environment.


Our team is committed to working with hospital staff and sub-trades to accomplish the end goal – a well-managed, quality project with minimal disruptions to the daily operations of your hospital.

Construction Services in Chatham & Southwestern Ontario You Can Count On

We recognize the construction industry is changing rapidly, and we continually strive to be at the forefront. It’s been our way of thinking since our inception. Our construction experts utilize the latest technology and software to build your projects. We are always up for any challenge, and for us, nothing is out of scope. Jayden Construction believes in offering valuable services for every stage of your project – right from inception to the end of its lifecycle. For us, quality is an integral part of our success.

Pre-engineered building

Pre-Engineered Buildings

We are proud to offer Steelway Buildings as part of our construction services. Specialized tasks our own forces perform include but are not limited to:

  • Certified installers of standing seam roof systems

  • Steel siding and roofing installation

  • Wood framing

  • Interior finishes (drywall, painting, trim, flooring, etc.)

Why Choose a Local Contractor?

We recommend choosing a local contractor for your construction project because of many reasons, such as:

  • Local contractors have a thorough knowledge of the area

  • The work of local contractors is typically visible in the community

  • It is easy to get information regarding the quality of work local contractors have provided in the past

  • Local contractors are easily accessible and will maintain consistent communication throughout the project

Contact us, your experienced local contractors, in Chatham & Southwestern Ontario. Benefit from our extensive knowledge of the area, visible community contributions, and easy accessibility for consistent communication. Let's bring your construction project to life together.

Contact Us

Contact us today to get started on your construction project in the Chatham-Kent area & Southwestern Ontario. If you would like to see some of our completed projects, check out our gallery here or on our Facebook page! You can also fill out our online form or write to us at to get more details. 

Quality Service, Expert Skills

When you book with Jayden Construction, you’re booking a local contractor you can trust to deliver in Chatham and Southwestern Ontario.

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